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ECS Refining is an environmentally safe precious metals recycling processor.  Core competencies are secure destruction; shredding; precious metals recovery; electronics scrap disposal; smelting of gold, silver, tin, and lead; safe disposal and/or recycling of tin and lead residues; environmental insurance for safe destruction, disposal, and recycling; processing of photoprocessing waste; recovery of silver flake, chemicals, film and film recycling, aluminum plates, cartridges, columns, and photo chemicals; a permitted facility and transporter.
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Pureflow<sup>®</sup> Technology
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Pureflow® Technology
Pureflow® Service Programs Pureflow® Metallic Replacement Columns

Conventional metallic replacement columns recover silver from waste photographic solutions by reacting the silver with metallic iron fibers.  Iron hydroxide is produced, which leaves the column in the discharge.  This iron hydroxide has at least two negative side effects:
  • It coats the active steel fibers in the column and reduces the activity and capacity of the columns
  • It builds up in the drain, which causes drain maintenance problems, and even clogs drains, if they are not maintained regularly
Pureflow® metallic replacement columns contain a small amount of a patented ingredient, Tetramethylthiuram disulfide (commonly know as thiram), which prevents the build-up of iron hydroxide both on the steel wool and in the drains, resulting in:
  • Dramatically higher column capacity and Life (2-4 times that of conventional columns)
  • Up to 50 times lower silver discharge concentrations (average ~0.15 ppm and =0.5 ppm maximum)
  • Drains that stay clean without maintenance.
  • Pureflow® chemistry offers the additional benefit of developer tolerance.  All processor solutions can be piped directly to the pump station!
  • Predictability of performance – The life, capacity, and discharge concentration of Pureflow® columns is dramatically better than for conventional columns.
For a report on the performance of Pureflow® Silver Recovery columns in actual commercial installations please click here.

For a description of the effects of various photo processing solutions on the performance of Pureflow® columns please click here.
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