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Work With the ITAD Experts to Get the Maximum Value for Your Retired IT Assets.

Reuse, Resale & Management of your IT Assets, all Under One Roof.

The Ultimate In Data Security Proven Brand Protection Since 1980.

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The Most Trusted Name In The Industry, Since 1980

With rapid advances in technology, the proliferation of consumer and enterprise electronics, and the exposure of unethical e-waste disposal methods, there is an increasing demand for responsible electronics recycling and reuse services. As a pioneer in the electronics recycling and IT asset disposition space for over 37 years, ECS provides a broad spectrum of solutions to a variety of markets, including recyclers, large enterprises, OEMs, retailers, and consumers.

What We Do

We offer a full suite of IT Asset Management and Disposition solutions. Below are some of our most requested service offerings:

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

ECS seeks to recover the maximum value from your electronic assets so you can realize untapped revenues and offset asset management costs. ECS offers a comprehensive and secure solution for your retired assets.

Reverse Logistics

Working and non-working returned products don’t simply disappear – they represent a significant investment and must be dealt with properly in an “aftermarket” phase of the supply chain. ECS has developed a vetted “turnkey” reverse logistics solution.

Solar Panel (PV) Processing

ECS has been in the PV (photovoltaic) recycling business for over a decade and has anticipated the rapid growth of the industry by building infrastructure for the recycling of various panel types. 

Precious Metals Recovery

Our precious metals recovery program has the capability to process any lot size and maintain lot integrity, thereby ensuring the most accurate return possible.

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