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With rapid advances in technology, the proliferation of consumer and enterprise electronics, and the exposure of unethical e-waste disposal methods, there is an increasing demand for responsible electronics recycling and reuse services.

As a pioneer in the electronics recycling and IT asset disposition space for over 36 years, ECS provides a broad spectrum of solutions to a variety of markets, including recyclers, large enterprises, OEMs, retailers, and consumers.

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Our Process

ECS believes in providing a closed loop “Product Lifecycle” solution for electronic devices,
we evolved a process that starts with testing a device which has 3 optional paths:
Value Add Services

If a device is reusable, ECS  performs the necessary value add services before reintroducing it into the market.

Harvested Devices

If a device is not reusable, it is harvested for working parts to be reintroduced into the market.

Refined Commodities

If a device has completely reached the end of its useful life (EOL), it is refined into commodities to be manufactured into new products.

e-Stewards Certification
ISO 14001:2004 Certification
R2 Certification
HIPAA Certification
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