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ServoTerra is a proprietary, Electronic Asset Remarketing platform acquired by ECS Refining in 2011. In acquiring ServoTerra, ECS Refining now has state of the art software and remarketing capabilities. The ECS ServoTerra Platform is used by enterprises, electronics retailers, original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s), contract manufacturers and recyclers/refurbishers to generate new revenue streams by effectively managing used but still functioning IT assets (ITAM) and/or electronic B2B/B2C products. The ECS ServoTerra platform enables businesses to auction electronic assets direct to an online group of pre-qualified buyers.

ServoTerra is an SaaS (software as a service) e-commerce exchange that enables a business to attain maximum market value for electronic assets by selling them in a competitive closed auction environment. The platform is also a valuable component to enhancing our service with transparency to your downstream partners. Built on a’s platform, ServoTerra is a cloud computing based solution that addresses the inefficiencies in today's brick and mortar asset management industry.

ServoTerra brings a number of enhancements to your organization:

  • Redeploy your IT assets (ITAD/ITAM) internally or auction these assets in private and/or public markets securely through rules and permissions you control. ECS provides the secure data (link to …) wiping services
  • Leverage a cloud-based solution bypassing the arduous requirements and account limitations that auction sites like eBay® and others have. Immediately access a pool of hundreds of screened buyers and sellers of your choosing
  • Liquidate your IT assets and turn them into new revenue quickly and easily, maximizing your IT investment
  • Instantly View Excess and Obsolete Inventory - Our online platform is designed to provide insight and control into multiple inventory locations. See inventory across different locations while selling into one global marketplace
  • Go Digital! - Digitize your “sell out” process of IT equipment and recovered components, and attain immediate accurate reports on resale activity. ServoTerra transforms your data into structured data that can be easily manipulated in spreadsheets
  • Expand Your Buyer Channels – We work with the largest resellers of second hand items, as well as with preselected refurbishers to create the optimal environment for selling your items. With ServoTerra you get to leverage our preexisting channels

How ServoTerra Works

The ECS Refining ServoTerra Platform enables your business, marketplace to safely and easily remarket your assets. However, as a key differentiator, we provide a closed-loop model that connects sellers directly to buyers in a controlled marketplace. A business can also decide whether selected assets should be redeployed internally by making them visible to your internal departments, remarketed externally, or sent to ECS Refining for recovery, recycling, and/or end-of-life (EOL) services

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