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About Us

Our History

ECS Refining began in 1980 as a company focused on assisting Silicon Valley high-tech companies with handling their post-manufacturing scrap residues. Through dynamic organic growth and several strategic acquisitions, we have added processing facilities to our footprint and integrated key technologies that have enabled us to serve more market segments. This tremendous shift has repositioned ECS Refining as a full-service recycling and end-of-life services company for electronics, industrial equipment and hazardous waste for all of North America.

We continue to broaden our capabilities by applying our unique methodology that extracts the maximum value from materials and equipment while minimizing the impact on the environment. Employing our entire breadth of services — recovery and refining, asset management and refurbishing and resale — we have a unique way of meeting our client’s requirements at every level while preserving our environmental integrity.

Our Mission

We are committed to innovation and finding new ways to economically process more types of materials so we can not only divert from landfills, but also place back into the system materials that would otherwise need to mined or extracted from the planet.

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