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ECS Refining Stockton CA - Environmental and Safety Policy [top]

Environmental and Safety Policy
C — 08-06-2011

ECS believes that recycling is an important part of global environmental management and we are committed to assuring that our recycling operations make a positive contribution to society. The social impacts of recycling are addressed through ECS’s commitment(s) to the Reuse and Recycle principles established by the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and the globally responsible recycling practices established within the Basil Action Network’s (BAN) e-Steward Standard.

In order to accomplish ECS’s business goals and objectives, we believe that our employees are a valuable resource to our recycling operations. On that basis, ECS does not use prison labor and is committed to the principles of Social Accountability, as defined within Social Accountability International’s SA 8000 Standard. In addition, ECS encourages its downstream recyclers to also follow SA 8000.

ECS uses this policy to manage its business activities to maximize value, assure safe and healthful operations, promote recycling, prevent pollution and make continual improvements to our on-going operations. ECS makes customers aware of data security issues and to address their data security and privacy requirements using secure destruction methods throughout the recycling chain. Similarly, ECS is committed to maintaining compliance with all applicable environmental and safety legal and regulatory requirements, as well as other requirements to which the organization subscribes. Objectives and targets are established to reduce the environmental impact of our identified environmental aspects. Objectives and targets are also established to enhance occupational safety, reduce injuries and promote the health of our employees. Applicable procedures and requirements are also communicated to our suppliers and contractors. This Policy applies to all operations conducted at the following facility:

ECS Refining, 2222 S. Sinclair Ave., Stockton, California

ECS will continue to be a leader in the use of advanced recycling technologies to effectively manage customer-provided materials and create value for demanufactured materials at downstream recycling facilities. ECS retains accountability for all of its downstream recyclers throughout the recycling chain to final disposition. Customers are made aware of how ECS secures their data to assure their privacy using various secure destruction techniques. Hazardous Electronic Waste is only exported in accordance with the Basil Convention, OECD requirements and the national laws pertaining to the exporting, importing and transiting of any waste stream.

In order to implement this policy, ECS established an Environmental and Safety Management System (ESMS) which imposes necessary requirements to provide environmental and safety related education and training to those persons working on our behalf, conduct regularly scheduled audits of our management system and analyze data collected to appropriately monitor our on-going activities.

Vice President: Bill McGeever

ECS Refining TX - Sustainable Recycling Management Policy [top]

Apache Trail Facility

Sustainable Recycling Management Policy

ECS Refining, located in Terrell, TX, recognizes the necessity for a comprehensive management system of our operations for the purpose of ensuring a healthful and safe work environment. To achieve our goal of protecting the environment, supporting and enforcing adherence to applicable labor laws and human rights norms and preventing unauthorized disclosure of confidential information entrusted to our organization, ECS Refining has implemented a Management System in accord with all requirements of “The e-stewards Standard for Responsible Recycling and Reuse of Electronic Equipment” ®. The Management System is applicable to the electronic recycling operations located at 250 Apache Trail and 102 Business Circle, Terrell, TX and its subsequent interactions with our employees, contractors, customers and neighbors.

To make this a reality, ECS Refining, within the defined scope of our Management System, commits to:

  • Comply with all applicable legal requirements, as well as other requirements to which ECS subscribes which relate to ECS Refining environmental aspects and OH&S hazards.
  • Continual improvement in its operations as well prevention of injury and health issues; pollution prevention and improved OH&S performance.
  • Adhere to all applicable treaties, laws, regulations, conventions and controls regarding the export of Hazardous Electronic Waste throughout the recycling chain to include maintaining full accountability to final disposition for all Hazardous e-Waste.
  • Adhere to standards of conduct premised on international human rights norms, Federal and State labor laws and prevailing industry standards to ensure the rights of the workers.
  • Ensuring no use of prison labor for processing Hazardous e-Waste throughout ECS Refining’s recycling chain.
  • Inform customers of data security issues and ensure proper handling and destruction of any materials in a manner appropriate for the particular media using current guidelines for media sanitization.
  • Review periodically (at least) the aspects, hazards, controls, objectives/targets and programs to ensure it remain relevant and appropriate to ECS Refining.
  • Communicate the policy to persons working for or on behalf of the organization to increase awareness of corporate and individual responsibilities.
  • Make this policy available to the public.

Matt Wilkins
General Manager
ECS Refining

Controlled Documents are maintained electronically. Printed versions of this document are UNCONTROLLED. Prior to relying on a printed document, verify that it is current.

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