ECS is a vertically integrated company that has strategically aligned with and invested in select companies in order to provide the most comprehensive, intelligent solutions in the industry. These affiliates specialize in providing niche services that complement ECS' core offerings and ensure that customers receive complete solutions at a competitive price.The affiliates listed on this page are not part of ECS LLC and are not certified to the e-Stewards or R2 standards.  Conecsus LLC is certified to the ISO14001 standard.


Conecsus Technologies is the largest tin/lead secondary smelter in the western hemisphere, with a focus on recycling industrial metal waste streams. Areas of expertise include electronics dross, solder paste, solder wire, solder bar, spent solder paste wipes and contaminated trash, as well as other tin or lead residues, and scrap electronics. Conecsus pays the highest settlements in the industry and pays for 100% of recycled metals unlike competitors. 

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Conecsus Aerospace, a division of Conecsus LLC, specializes in recycling and recovering value from commercial and military jet engines. Conecsus Aerospace maximizes the value of jet engines and engine components by disassembling them, separating the high-temperature alloys, and leaching the precious metals. The alloys are sold as high-temperature metallic scrap and the recovered gold, platinum, palladium, and silver are sold in the precious metal markets.  

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Outback Equipment tests, refurbishes, and resells specialized industrial equipment, as well as disposes of custom built or propriety systems. Areas of expertise include test equipment, lab equipment, inspection systems, environmental chambers, ovens, telecommunications equipment, networking systems, positioning systems, lasers, motion controllers, pumps, motors, and various parts, fittings and components. 

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