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ECS has been in the PV (photovoltaic) recycling business for over a decade and has anticipated the rapid growth of the industry by building infrastructure for the recycling of various panel types.We work with numerous equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and various types of solar panel technologies. PV materials are typically fallout of the manufacturers’ process for the OEMs, but other materials come from installations performed by industry installers. Since the industry is fairly new, not many failed materials come from corporate, municipality or consumer installations at this point. However, ECS is geared up to handle this growing set of materials as the industry matures.

Unparalleled Security
  • ECS facilities are built with the latest in closed-circuit television and staffed 24-7

  • All materials are bar-coded and tracked in our inventory management system

  • We establish full “chain of custody” for your assets in each process step

  • We work with all relevant state and federal regulation bodies


ECS can fulfill your sustainability mandates while improving your bottom line.

  • (R2) Standard Certification - Responsible Recycling

  • ISO 14001 Certification – Environmental Processes

  • ISO 9001 Certification – Quality Management

  • OHSAS 18001 Certification – Occupational Health & Safety

  • ITAR registration – Proprietary or commercially sensitive
    material handling

  • EPA Certifications

solar solutions

ECS  offers a variety of IT Asset Management (ITAM) and IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services, which enable businesses to measure and maximize the value of their electronic assets with the assurance that their brand is protected and their sensitive data is destroyed. Learn more about our IT asset management solutions below.

Data Capture & Reporting

ECS captures important asset information that allows you to effectively decommission, recycle, or remarket your IT assets. Accurate asset valuation, detailed reporting/compliance documents, and a convenient Customer Portal are among the features that set ECS apart from the competition.

Data Security

At ECS, we understand that data security and brand protection are of the utmost importance to our enterprise clients. We perform asset tag removal, data wiping, physical destruction of drives and IP, certificates of compliance, and end-of-lease management.

White Glove Services

ECS relies on a reliable global logistics network to provide “white glove” services such as asset consolidation and packaging, on-site data destruction, and server/rack de-installation.

Test & Refurbishment

ECS performs a number of services to assess and enhance the value of your working electronic devices including system diagnostics, system repair, and part replacement/harvest.

Asset Disposition

ECS seeks to recover the maximum value from your electronic assets so you can realize untapped revenues and offset asset management costs. Your IT equipment is divided by the ECS "Tech Line" into material qualified for resale and material better suited for recycling.

Electronics Recycling

Stockton CA facility
‍Stockton, CA - The Largest Facility of Its Kind in North America

ECS specializes in end-of-life electronics recycling, the process by which obsolete electronic devices are dismantled and separated into clean, reusable commodities. Unlike other recyclers, ECS can efficiently and effectively process large volumes of end-of-life electronics (also known as e-waste) utilizing automated recycling equipment and innovative technology. Our state-of-the-art electronics recycling facilities, which are e-Stewards and R2 Certified, are designed to maximize materials recovery and eliminate harmful waste while safeguarding our workers and the environment.

ECS provides downstream electronics recycling services to a variety of markets, including electronics recyclers and collectors, manufacturers, large businesses, and the private sector.


G.I.G.O: The principle of “Garbage In, Garbage Out” also applies to efficient and effective electronics recycling. Although ECS can recycle a wide range of material streams, many of our processes are optimized for electronic waste. This means that non-conforming materials could disrupt the streamlined recycling process or contaminate the commodity outputs. 

Pre-picking: Our end-of-life electronics recycling process begins with a conveyor line in which items that should not be shredded, such as batteries, UPS battery systems, toner cartridges, and fluorescent lights, are removed by hand before they enter the main shredder.

Shredding: After e-waste, has been pre-picked, it flows into the shredding line to be sized down for commodity separation. The primary shredder breaks material down into 4” x 10” fragments and the secondary shredder reduces it further into poker chip-sized fragments that are optimal for the separation processes.


Effective and efficient commodity separation is a key component of end-of-life e-waste recycling that largely determines the value that can be recovered. ECS boasts a state-of-the-art separation process that is unparalleled in the industry.

After e-waste has been shredded into optimally-sized fragments, it enters the separation lines. This is where it is segregated into various commodity types using sophisticated technologies including eddy currents, optical identification, and magnetic separation. The first separation stage divides material into plastics and metals, and the second stage further separates the metal stream into different varieties.


To recover the maximum value from electronic waste, it must be processed properly. ECS ’s state-of-the-art recycling process ensures that the electronics are refined into clean, high-quality commodities.

The most common commodities that can be recovered from e-waste are varying grades and types of plastic, aluminum, steel, pc board, and CRT glass. After shredding and separating electronic waste, ECS gives these commodities new life by selling and distributing them to manufacturers and producers around the world.

Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics

Working and non-working returned products don’t simply disappear – they represent a significant investment and must be dealt with properly in an aftermarket phase of the supply chain. The term reverse logistics refers to these aftermarket processes and typically relates to value recovery and proper disposal. Successful execution requires expertise, and if managed improperly, can be very costly. At ECS we understand that effective reverse logistics is critical for manufacturers and retailers which is why we developed a vetted “turnkey reverse logistics" solution.

The Challenge

In today’s economic climate, customers are reluctant to spend hard earned cash. In order to maintain sales and retain customer loyalty, manufacturers and retailers are pressured to employ liberal customer return policies, demanding product warranties and service level guarantees. As a result, manufacturers and retailers are faced with the challenge of managing an increasing volume of returns.

Our Solution

- If a device has completely reached the end of its useful life (EOL), it is refined into commodities to be manufactured into new products.

- If a device is not reusable, it is harvested for working parts to be reintroduced into the market.

- If a device has completely reached the end of its useful life (EOL), it is refined into commodities to be manufactured into new products.

The Benefits

Measurable Economic Value - Our solution is designed to offset costs and generate new revenue streams through product resale and value recovery processes.

Ethical Processing - Our responsible, domestic recycling process stimulates our economy by creating jobs and infrastructure on American soil, while diverting harmful waste from being dumped into our landfills or shipped overseas.

Ease-of-Use - Our remarketing platform provides complete control and transparency of product downstream. We redeploy assets internally, sell products to the highest bidder, or define additional buyer criteria.

Data Security & Brand Protection

At ECS, we understand that data security and brand protection are of the utmost importance to our enterprise clients. Drawing on decades of experience, adhering to strict operating procedures, and utilizing state-of-the-art software, we eliminate the downstream liability involved with IT asset disposition.

Asset Tag Removal

A significant risk of IT asset disposition (ITAD) is the possibility of an IT asset being repurposed or dumped without the removal of the asset tag. ECS removes all asset tags to ensure that your brand is protected. No electronic device leaves any of our facilities without being physically shredded or stripped of its asset tag.


As a company with core competencies in asset management and electronics recycling services, ECS is equipped to fulfill any and all of your IP destruction requirements. We securely handle and shred data-containing drives, branded hardware, prototypes, and any other material whose exposure poses a risk to your organization. 

Data Wiping

In many cases, hard drives retain significant value and physical destruction is not the most desirable method for destroying the data contained within them. ECS  has sophisticated techniques for effectively wiping data from hard drives that allow value to be recovered through resale. Our most common drive wiping standards are NIST 800-88 and DOD 5220.22-M. Contact us to learn about our additional data wiping capabilities. 


ECS provides assurance that your material is processed properly by issuing certificates of compliance for recycling, destruction, and data sanitization. Additionally, we offer witnessed destruction services, meaning customers can observe the physical destruction of material in person or via a live video feed.


ECS provides an option for equipment that is at the end of the leasing period. When clients choose to no longer keep the materials, ECS can provide revenue for the equipment and offer a buy back price, allowing organizations to offset the cost of the materials or possibly provide a profit after the remainder of the lease agreement is paid.

End to End Resale & Recycling
Tracking Software


Our tracking software was designed with ease of use and complete transparency as the primary focus. When working with ECS, you will find comprehensive, transparent reporting at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at any location with internet access. Areas of interest include:

Receiving & Inventory

- "Lot" Based System

- Services Defined by Category

- Searchable Database

User Defined Dashboard Reporting

- Reporting by Location

- Definable Targets

- Granular Processing and Costing Data Wrap-Up

Asset & Settlement Reporting Outputs

- "Comprehensive Asset Tracking, Costing, and Recoveries"

- Summarized Lot Reporting

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e-Stewards Certification
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R2 Certification
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