ECS Refining is an environmentally safe precious metals recycling processor. Core competencies are secure destruction; shredding; precious metals recovery; electronics scrap disposal; smelting of gold, silver, tin, and lead; safe disposal and/or recycling of tin and lead residues; environmental insurance for safe destruction, disposal, and recycling; processing of photoprocessing waste; recovery of silver flake, chemicals, film and film recycling, aluminum plates, cartridges, and photo chemicals; a permitted facility and transporter.
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Environmental and Compliance Issues
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ECS is an expert in environmental regulatory issues. We provide environmentally correct solutions for an abundance of regulated and non-regulated metal bearing wastes, adhering strongly to a 100% no-landfill policy. Our professional Environmental Staff monitors facility compliance, tracks regulations and provides you with crucial eco-responsible information. Even more significantly, we are able to provide clients with the satisfying assurance of recycling certificates that verify their responsible disposition of hazardous photochemical wastes.


Environmental Compliance Issues?
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