ECS Refining is an environmentally safe precious metals recycling processor. Core competencies are secure destruction; shredding; precious metals recovery; electronics scrap disposal; smelting of gold, silver, tin, and lead; safe disposal and/or recycling of tin and lead residues; environmental insurance for safe destruction, disposal, and recycling; processing of photoprocessing waste; recovery of silver flake, chemicals, film and film recycling, aluminum plates, cartridges, and photo chemicals; a permitted facility and transporter.
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ECS MS2000
MS 2000
The best in our line of metering pumps this fully automatic metering system can process up to 45 gallons per day. This system works best with our standard MR 12 Silver Recovery Cartridges which are designed to discharge less iron to the drain than other brands. With a solid state micro processor built in, this unit is available with a 10 or 20 gallon holding tank capacity. Competitively priced, the MS 2000 recovers silver from bleach fix, E-6 and black and white photo chemistries.
Metallic Replacement Cartridges
For solution volume requirements ranging from the smallest to the largest of systems, ECS Refining has a full line of steel wool cartridges to meet your needs. Economically priced, ECS Refining brings you the highest standards with our product line to help you meet or exceed your environmental compliance demands. Whether you are generating solutions from x-ray processing or are a photographic mini lab or graphic arts company, we can help. All ECS Refining cartridges meet Federal EPA pollution standards and can be used as primary, tailing or wash water silver recovery systems.
ECS Refining
ECS MS2000 Automatic Metering System MR12 Metallic Replacement Columns
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