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Metals staff contacts

William Leroy 
 Director of Sales & Marketing
 Phone number contact: (856) 582-5560

Jerry Winsted 
 Regional Manager: Santa Clara, CA
 Phone number contact: 408-988-4386, x 121

Thomas Hogye 
 Account Manager: Santa Clara, CA
 Phone number contact: 408-988-4386, x 119

Murray Fleck 
 Regional Manager: San Diego, CA
 Phone number contact: 760-439-5311

Ivonne Sanchez 
 Regional Manager: Tijuana, Mexico
 Phone number contact: 5266-38-86-40

John Lerohl 
 Regional Manager: Dallas, TX
 Phone number contact: 817-424-0105

Michael Harbert 
 Regional Manager: Ft. Worth, TX
 Phone number contact: 817-735-1424

Steve Burns 
 Regional Manager: Greensboro, NC
 Phone number contact: 336-851-1113

Bruce Cafferty 
 Director of Materials Management: Altoona, PA
 Phone number contact: 814-696-4877

Richard Kistner, KMET International 
 Area Coverage: Arizona / New Mexico
 Phone number contact: 602-706-8393