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Responsible Photo-Chemical Waste Recycling

Today, more than ever, we are acting responsibly in order to preserve our environment.

Those of us in industries that involve photo processing know that the photo-chemical waste we produce needs to be handled responsibly. Even if it seems we don't produce enough hazardous waste to make a difference, government environmental regulations are there to remind us that every drop counts.

But the increasingly complex regulations vary by locale and can be time-consuming to deal with. Most of the time, the rules just seem to get in the way of running our businesses effectively.

ECS Refining is the solution to your hazardous photo-chemical waste problem. We are leaders in the transportation and recycling of hazardous wastes generated in the photo-development process. Founded in 1980, ECS's headquarters are located in Santa Clara, California. Serving thousands of customers, ECS runs the newest and cleanest photo-chemical waste recycling facility in the state.

Many small companies we service find it convenient and cost-effective to have their chemical waste transported and recycled by ECS. These customers are primarily concerned about compliance issues and rely on ECS's expert handling of the entire regulatory manifesting process. Since the generator of any hazardous waste is responsible for its final disposition and may be asked to verify these activities, ECS can also provide customers with certificates of recycling.

With a staff that includes environmental engineers, chemists, metallurgists, as well as safety and photo-industry experts, ECS is prepared to serve all of your photographic waste management needs.

ECS also services several of the largest photo-processing labs in the Western United States. We work closely with these large customers to understand their processes in order to help select, set up and maintain the on-site filtration systems best-suited to their needs. ECS offers customers metallic replacement and electrolytic silver recovery systems designed and manufactured by Hallmark's Refining Corporation.

ECS is an EPA-permitted TSD (Treatment Storage and Disposal) facility using the latest technology and offering customers the most comprehensive waste recycling solution. Upholding the highest standards in recycling excellence, we are committed to our customers and to the environment.

Please call us to discuss your current photo-chemical waste handling process. We'd like to tell you about our cost-effective and 100% recyclable solutions to your problems.