August 23, 2017

Working with third party ITAD providers, it’s all in the fine print.

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Today, most businesses choose to recycle or resell their IT assets with the purpose of recovering residual value through the appropriate disposition processes. There are thousands of vendors that offer these IT Asset Disposition services, and it's important to understand the various parts that make up the entire ITAD solution, as well as who is providing them.


End-of-life electronics recycling is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle, as it encompasses the physical dismantling/shredding of electronic devices and the subsequent separation of the resulting materials by type. End-of-life recycling helps alleviate the demand to extract new resources from the earth by recovering reusable materials from products that have already been manufactured. This process is attractive when you compare it to the alternatives such as dumping hazardous electronics in landfills or shipping them to third world dumpsites where they pose significant environmental and health risks. End-of-life electronics recycling is ideal for organizations in which environmentally sustainable initiatives are a priority, specifically in dispositioning obsolete IT assets with no other residual value.


However, end-of-life recycling by itself isn't sufficient for most organizations phasing out IT equipment. Many organizations require detailed asset reporting that typical end-of-life electronics recyclers do not provide. Also, a great deal of the IT assets which organizations are phasing out are not necessarily obsolete, and can be converted into a significant revenue stream when resold into secondary markets. But remarketing IT assets has its own risks. IT assets that contain sensitive data or still have asset tags can represent a major liability if they are not properly sanitized. Solutions that address these data security and value maximization issues are commonly referred to as IT asset management services.


Interestingly, very few of the IT asset management companies also perform end-of-life electronics recycling. This means that they handle and resell the valuable assets, and they ship the remaining obsolete electronics to an end-of-life recycler. Unfortunately, as assets are transferred from vendor to vendor, transparency decreases and risk increases.


So, how does an organization determine the optimal solution for maximizing the value of their decommissioned IT assets while mitigating downstream liability? The answer is to utilize a single vendor that provides ALL of the components of the electronics disposition process. ECS Refining is the only company that specializes in providing both end-of-life and IT asset management/disposition services on a large scale. Other vendors may have a core competency in one side of the business but they subcontract the other services to third parties.


ECS Refining is the oldest electronics recycler in the U.S. with over 36 years of experience and expertise in precious metals recovery, electro mechanical shredding and separation, IT asset management, data erasure, and remarketing. Working with a single vendor like ECS Refining ensures that your IT assets are handled and processed properly within a secure chain of custody, regardless of whether they're recycled or remarketed. So if you're tired of working with multiple vendors to handle the complete disposition of your IT assets, or if you want assurance that your IT assets are being dispositioned properly, contact ECS Refining today.