November 17, 2017

The Epitome of Service: White Glove Solutions

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At ECS we believe in providing world class customer service at all stages of client interaction. In scenarios where our clients’ needs demand a superior level of on-site expertise, we offer our fully customizable white glove solutions.

Our White Glove Solutions

Sit back and let us do the heavy lifting! ECS will travel to your location to consolidate and package your IT equipment and transport it to the appropriate ECS processing facility. Our experienced professional team is trained to properly identify, separate, and package your electronic equipment to maximize its value and ensure safe and secure shipment.

Security you can see! The best way to ensure that your data is secure is to destroy it before it leaves your facility.  ECS offers on-site data destruction services.

Let us take the weight of extensive projects off of your shoulders! Our professional technicians deinstall systems from data centers, servers and storage systems, to networking equipment. All cabling is removed from racks, and cable arm management brackets and systems are unbolted from the racks or cabinets. Racks can then be unbolted from the floor and staged for packaging and shipment. All systems are separated and can be organized per the client’s request; custom solutions can be put in place for staged shutdowns. Drives can be removed for independent packaging and transport. Systems can then be shipped to an ECS facility, leasing company or another location in accordance with client specifications.

The ECS Difference

When confidentiality, privacy and security are the top concerns, choose ECS. We provide a seamless chain of custody so that you can rest assured knowing nothing leaves our hands until it has been sanitized and remarketed, or completely processed back into raw materials for manufacturing.

Interested in Learning More About Our Customized Solutions? 

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As a leader in IT asset management and end-of-life electronics processing, ECS Refining provides a broad spectrum of solutions that enable OEMs, retailers, enterprises, and e-waste collectors to manage, disposition, and recover value from electronic devices while protecting sensitive data and mitigating downstream liability.