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August 14, 2017

Old equipment could be a data risk nightmare waiting to happen.

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Could your team be compromising vital information unknowingly?

Ensure proven protection from an industry leader in data destruction. From protecting data to ensuring regulatory compliance, IT managers take a variety of steps to properly handle old equipment. But you could still be carrying considerable risk. ECS Refining eliminates the risk while also creating a revenue source for your old IT equipment. 

For 36 years, ECS has helped organizations deal with equipment disposal and electronic waste by focusing on critical processes when processing electronics and other IT assets. 

Data Security - Transparent recycling and disposal of IT equipment 

• Secure, Simple, Fast Electronic Media Destruction In person or via live video feed. 

• ECS protects data by conducting thorough data wiping processes prior to recycling or destruction

Maintaining chain of custody through entire process:

• ECS travels to each location to consolidate, package, and ship IT equipment. 

• Many third-parties outsource to partners or competitors to fulfill orders, but ECS maintains full control of client IT equipment throughout the entire process. 

• Not all IT end-of-life service providers are created equal. Many organizations fail to completely secure their data through the recycling and destruction process by relying too heavily on third-party vendors who outsource their services. 

• ECS manages all of your equipment.

Creating Revenue

• ECS remarkets working electronic equipment and components through a variety of channels. 

• All remarketing solutions provide competitive value recovery and guarantee destruction of data prior to stocking. 

Complete audit capability for end-of-life, assured destruction, and regulatory compliance. 

• ECS removes all asset tags to ensure protection of your brand. 

• No electronic device leaves our facility without being physically shredded or stripped of its asset tag. Information can’t be obtained from these raw materials. 

• ECS utilizes barcode scanners to methodically capture electronic device details that can be used for internal reports. 

You can be confident knowing your information will not end up in the wrong hands, tarnishing your company and exposing you to potential litigation.