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Information for Individuals Interested in Donating Recyclables
  If you are an individual wanting to donate your used/unused electronic equipment, then currently the only method available to get your equipment to us, is for you ship it to us through one of the national ground shipping companies.  
Shipping Information - Page

We are able to accept your donation of electronic equipment by you shipping your used/unused electronic equipment to our receiving facility. In order to ship you must do the following:
  1. Pack your equipment in a shipping box
    • Online resources for shipping supplies
      - Uline:
      - Packaging Supplies:
      - UHaul:

  2. Get the dimensions of your box
    • Height, Width and Length

  3. Get the weight of you box (lbs.)

  4. Then you will need to take your box to a Shipper for shipping to our receiving facility.
    • Here are several shipping options for Shipper´┐Żs:
      - FedEx:
      - UPS:
      - DHL:

  5. Our shipping Address:
    705 Reed St.
    Santa Clara CA 95050
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