ECS was founded in 1980 by Jim and Ken Taggart as a processor of
post-manufacturing scrap and residues for OEMs in the Silicon Valley. As the electronics industry enjoyed rapid growth and manufacturing operations were outsourced to other parts of the world, ECS adapted by shifting its focus to processing post-consumer electronics. Through organic growth and strategic acquisitions, ECS developed new competencies in end-of-life value recovery to become a vertically integrated electronics recycler.

In recent years, the widespread use of electronics in the private sector has created a demand for sophisticated services that go above and beyond traditional shred-and-separate commodity recovery. ECS has developed value-add and remarketing solutions that allow businesses to maximize the value of their electronics while protecting their brand and data.


• Complete Re-use/Remarketing services - ECS Asset Management Solutions

• Innovator and Continued Leader in Precious Metal Recovery

• Capable of handling all electronics material, Hazmat & CRT glass

• Largest, most “State of The Art” facilities in United States

• Brand Protection with Highest Levels of Compliance/Security

our mission


Today, ECS is the leader in innovative electronics recycling, offering both end-of-life and asset management services to a variety of markets. ECS utilizes state-of-the-art technology and over 36 years of experience to provide the most comprehensive, responsible solutions in the industry. We strive to maximize value recovery and ensure data security while safeguarding the future of our planet. No exportation. No exceptions.


Nothing leaves our hands until it has been resold or processed to raw materials. Our customers are safe knowing that ECS will commit to the best, domestic and conscientious processing of their equipment.


We truly care for the environment and have a proven commitment of ethical behavior that’s embodied in our dedicated employees, state-of-the-art processing, and support of global standards such as e-Stewards.


ECS helps customers recover value from electronic assets by remarketing them. Not only is the resale of reusable electronics the purest form of recycling, but it often allows the seller to maximize residual value as well.

e-Stewards Certification
ISO 14001:2004 Certification
R2 Certification
HIPAA Certification
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